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Sound Off: Rayon Beach

By Austin Sound • Nov 3rd, 2010 • Category: Featured Story, Sound Off

If the past few years of Austin music have been characterized by a resurgence of psych and garage sounds, then Rayon Beach sits at the perfect conjunction of the two. The trio’s debut EP, The Memory Teeth, was released on vinyl earlier this year by HoZac Records, and offered up a six song shot of trippy, gritty rock that nods to the 13th Floor Elevators while plowing into the fold of contemporary bands like Woven Bones. At times melodically delirious, and at others forcefully blunt in their garage trauma, Rayon Beach taps something primal and pulsing. You can catch them live this Thursday, November 4, for the Austinist’s free Fun Fun Fun Fest pre-party at the Mohawk with their latest installment of Local Music is Sexy, also featuring a heady lineup of TV Torso, Sally Crewe & the Sudden Moves, Watch Out For Rockets, Markov, and Hundred Visions on the outside stage with Rayon Beach, while Bill Baird, Weird Weeds, Sleep Good, Botany, Mutual Benefit, Dana Falconberry, and Amasa Ghana hold down the inside.

Profile: Rayon Beach

Year Formed:
somewhere in 2009

Members/Instruments played:

Mike Naccarato-Drums, Synth, Vocal
Thomas Sutherland-Guitars, Keyboards, Vocal
Skyler McGlothlin-Bass, Vocal

Former Bands/Side Projects:

painting houses, hating life, piano playing since before You Can’t Do That On Television was on televison, playing in a gamelan orchestra called Space City Gamelan, Free Radicals, some solo stuff under Caliban Goodbrain. Skyler also plays in Shapes Have Fangs, used to make records under Nautilus, Malcom Kipe and scores music for GSDM. Mike toured the country with an emo band called Toru Okada, wore a white belt in a band called I Shoot Lightning which kind of kicked ass, and was quite possibly the radicalest dude in Cedar Park land, all before his 18th year.


The Memory Teeth, HoZac Records, 2010.
7″ on Plastic Spoons Records, arriving in Nov. 2010


Os Mutantes, apt. pools, Aphrodite’s Child, The Seeds, synthesizers, Liz Carpenter, Ryan Trecartin, Scott Walker, Madonna, Arthur Lee, Hanna-Barbera, Kool Keith, Walking the Cow by d. johnson, The Clean, Running Man, Lost Boys, Goonies, The Quick, friends, frenemies, friendly lovers, David Bowie somewhere in between stardust and the white duke, Sparks, The Nerves, Bruce Haack, Henry Darger, Syd Barret, Shop Assistants, people who can draw good, Ace of Bass, smoking weed, dead family members

Strangest comment or comparison ever made about your music:

When I’m practicing by myself, Skyler’s dog, Apollo, leaves the room every time I start singing

Favorite local bands:

all of ‘em except for the ones that suck

Favorite local venue:

Mohawk, Beerland, our house

Upcoming shows scheduled:

Nov.4 FFFfest Kick off partay at the mohawk, freeeee

Shows over the next month that you’re excited to see:

FFFFucking FFFFFest and den sum Tame Impala, Kurt Vile, Lowe Dens, King Louie

Some of your favorite albums from the past year:

has anyone friggin heard of the Jesus Furs, they’re these kids from ft.worth, they murder

Ideal band (past or present) to open for on a national tour:

well Tony, Toni, Tone would be sweet with Bobcat Goldthwait opening up for us, but really a big fat package of The Bitters, Gary Numan, Dolly Parton and us would fuck it up ril good. It’d also be cool if we had Phish selling our merch.

Austin Sound questions:
What kinds of things had we better pack in preparation for our day at Rayon Beach?

Pimento cheese sandwiches, Quatro Crazy(4loco 4 u sqrs), Smokey and the Bandit on paperback, Roman Candles, PBR camel pack, some watermelon, your dancing shoes, blood capsules, Audra Schroeder wearing something breathable

What exactly are “Memory Teeth” and what do they remember?

All music is about remembering and forgetting. The idea of memory teeth is a memory that you focus on either continually or intensely enough to a point where it solidifies and calcifies in your skull like the way a tooth forms, such that a mind with memory teeth operates like a mouth gnashing, nibbling, mutilating, kissing, consuming reality for the sake of it’s nourishment and primal desire to understand. I remember my father talking about how in Edgar Burroughs “Tarzan of the Apes”, Tarzan referred to his knife as his “tooth”, a tool that for him, being a human, aligned and in some way empowered him over the animal kingdom, but also stimulated a lingering thread of memory from his childhood that he was ultimately an alien. It’s also the idea of taking memories that maybe haunt you for better or worse and rather than allowing them to dominate your life and the way you feel, figuring out a way to transform them into a spiritual asset, an organized set of thought-feelings, sharpened like wolf fangs.

Song Introduction:

This was recorded in one or two takes at Laguna Studios. It deals with the feeling of being trapped between boredom and entertainment and attempting to pass through those invisible walls, partially if not entirely because life is a nothing but a shorty ass melody.

Sound Off:

What’s up now, hello der, tell all the people we are the guys wanting to say hello to all you listening to us. These honkey wizards are cat aids free and wield dragon dick switch blades. We keep good company and find happiness in respecting the power of love.

Death Rides a Horse


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