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Murdocks’ “Final” Show this Thursday

By Austin Sound • Feb 15th, 2011 • Category: News

So seems the Murdocks have finally had enough of us. You know, they just got really good, so it only makes sense to go out on top and thus up the pricetag on their eventual reunion show. Good business strategy. Very savvy. Of course, seeing as how it took them nearly half a decade to get their last LP out, maybe this isn’t so much a hiatus as it is a break to do some recording. Or something. Last year the local trio impressed with the release of Distortionist, but according to the band, this Thursday will mark their last show for the indeterminate future. We know how these “trial separations” go, though - first you start up the side project, and then things just fall off, and before you know it, it’s been two years since you thought about all those good old Murdocks days. It’s cool though - we can take it. The funny thing about this breakup though, is that they’re going to still dump a bunch of videos and tunes on us over the next year that they have in the attic. So what’s up guys, is this good bye or not? Don’t tease us. Either way, we’ll still be down at Emo’s on Thursday night for one final fling with Murdocks as the band unloads their “hits” from across the past decade with support from Paper Shapes, Antic Romantics and Shazz.

Murdocks - Distortionist (SR)

By Marc Perlman • Oct 6th, 2010 • Category: Featured Story, Sound Reviews

Distortionist, the Murdocks’ first full-length album in half a decade, is a testament to the perseverance of frontman Franklin Morris and his cohorts. Labels (and label offers) came and went, bandmates came, went and stayed, songs and shows changed like the seasons - but Morris never got tired of sharpening his razored songwriter chops or buzzing guitar riffs. As a result, the Murdocks wound up creating an album that justified the overlong gestation and that many fans of mid 90s rock and roll will absolutely love.

Distortionist might actually be two separate albums disguised as one; or, at least it seems like two separate listening experiences and the band appears to have recognized this. Released on a single CD with a Side A and a Side B clearly labeled, the sixteen tracks are neatly split into two eight song halves – and those halves, while sharing a relative continuity – are definitely different beasts.

Video: The Murdocks - “Black Jesus Knocking”

By Austin Sound • Aug 31st, 2010 • Category: News

Whoa, the Murdocks are pissed! What the hell, guys? The trio shared the mp3 for “Black Jesus Knocking” with us way back when, and will finally be releasing their new album, Distornist, this Saturday at the Parish. This is their first LP since 2005, and apparently they’ve pent up a little anger and energy. The new video for “Black Jesus Knocking” is just, well, disturbing. Kudos on finding a little kid that looks like he could actually be a young Franklin Morris, but this kids also got some problems. Actually, the stigmata-palm slapped bullies at the end probably have bigger problems. We imagine this is something like how a tea party rally goes down - first they get really mad and bully folks, then have some kind of self-abusing spiritual revelation. Or something. Check out the video below, which was directed by Tina Carlsen, produced, edited, and written by Noël Kristi Wells, and with cinematography by Travis Ragsdale. And catch the Murdocks CD release show this Saturday, Sept 4 at the Parish with The Couch, Naysays, and Through the Trees.

Mp3: The Murdocks - “Black Jesus Knocking”

By Austin Sound • Jan 28th, 2009 • Category: News

Seems like we’ve been waiting for the new Murdocks’ album for ages, and we’ll have to wait a little longer, until this summer it seems. But head ‘dock Franklin Morris (also an Austin Sound contributor), just passed along this taste of the as yet untitled album in the form of “Black Jesus Knocking,” which we’ve offered up for download below. The group began recording the album back last spring with Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders, so you can count on the sound being stellar. From this track, it sounds like the Murdock’s have tapped a bit back into their harder roots, but still preserved some of the pop melodicism of last year’s Roar! Roar! Roar! EP. The Murdocks will no doubt be previewing some of the new tunes this Friday at the Mohawk when they open up for Shearwater - a great show across the board!

Local Quips - Murdocks

By John Laird • Jun 6th, 2008 • Category: News

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Artist: Murdocks
Label: Surprise Truck Entertainment
Genre: Indie Rock

For many years the act known as the Murdocks have been shoving their sound down your throat, so is the Roar EP a change of pace? Not really, but some of you may find yourselves singing-a-long a bit more as you pump your fists in the air

Sound Off: Murdocks

By Austin Sound • Sep 10th, 2007 • Category: Sound Off

The calculated wrangling of disheveled pop may be what sets the Murdocks apart most from other bands, their songs feeling unbounded and joyous with rugged, sardonic edge while maintaining a precision of catchy hooks and an addictive core. The classic garage pop sound of their recent work hearkens elements of the Kinks fed through a contemporary raucousness of Franklin Morris’ vocals that balances the melodic verses with unraveling shouts. One of the most under-appreciated bands in town, the Murdocks are preparing two upcoming releases that will likely not keep them a secret much longer. You can catch them live this Saturday at Red 7 along with Mock Tigers and Zenith Fuzzbomb.